2018 Gals in Golf Banquet

Glen Eagles Country Club

November 7, 2018

Thank you gifts to Steve Heidelberg and Eli Weaver (head pro and asst pro), and

 Terry Yopp, (Marshall).

Thank you to President Cindy Henry

 Individual Awards


Friendship Award: 

To the player who played with the most people.

Bonnie Long | 34

Low putts

Billie Kendrick | 31

Most chip- ins: 

3 way tie: Gwen Armstrong, Jeanie Edwards and Janet Sanders | 4



Most rounds of golf: 

Mollie Manning 29, she never missed a week.


Most improved:  Handicap

Bobbie Milne change of 5 (28 to 23)


Most improved:  Ringer Book

Carol Resnick 120-80


Individual Milestones

Broke 100 - Barbara Hammond

Broke 90 - Mary Decker

Broke 80 - Carolyn Beall


Scored Eagles

Carolyn Beall

Gaye Lynn Glay

Cindy Henry


Hole in One winner this year:

Newcomer Madelaine Gentry


Flight Awards

Most Birdies

D            Bonita Lockley (3)

C            Mary Decker (5)

B            Edie Czajkowski (9)

A            Gaye Lynn Glay (18)


Overall Low Net

D            Bonita Lockley | 64

C            Mary Decker | 58

B            Kathy Clinton | 58

A            Madelaine Gentry | 57


Overall Low Gross

D            Barbara Hammond | 99

C            Bobbie Milne | 86

B            Gwen Armstrong | 83

A            Billie Kendrick | 72


Flag Tournament

D Flight         

3rd place Bonita Lockley,

 2nd place Janet Sanders,

1st place Terry McAninch


C Flight

3rd place Helen Knowles,

2nd place Nan Speck,

1st place Kwon Nicely


B Flight

3rd place Francis Escobar,

2nd place Cheryl Kilburn,

1st place Carol Jasien


A Flight

3rd place Denise Taylor,

1st place tie Carolyn Beall and Gaye Lynn Glay




Club championship Low Net

D flight:

3rd place   Terry McAninch | 72

2nd place   Barbara Hammond | 63

1st place    Janet Sanders | 60


C flight:

2nd place tie      Jeanie Edwards | 69

2nd place tie        Bobbye Geary | 69

1st place                  Nan Speck | 67


B flight

3rd place        Edie Czajkowski | 63

2nd place       Carol Jasien | 61

1st place         Bettie LeCrone | 60


A flight

3rd place       Bonnie Long | 65

2nd place       Madelaine Gentry | 62

1st place         Linda Yopp | 58




Billie Kendrick (74)